Installing Ontrack with Helm

Ontrack provides many ways for it to be installed: Docker, RPM/Debian, JAR, etc. You can also use Helm to deploy it on a Kubernetes cluster. It's as simple as running:

helm repo add ontrack
helm install my-ontrack-release ontrack/ontrack

After a few minutes, the four main components of Ontrack will be available:

  • a PostgresQL 11 service
  • an ElasticSearch engine (single node)
  • a RabbitMQ message broker
  • and of course Ontrack

By default, no ingress is configured (that'll be the subject of another post), but you can port forward to the Ontrack service:

kubectl port-forward service/my-ontrack-release 8080:http

You can now access Ontrack at http://localhost:8080 using admin / admin as the default credentials.

For more information about the Ontrack Helm chart, check its repository at

You can now start injecting data from your CI pipelines into Ontrackk