Ontrack 2.35 / 3.35

Ontrack 2.35 and 3.35 are now released.

Those releases bring numerous fixes and new features.

Feature: run info

That's a feature which was really overdue - the possibility to attach some run info to a build or a validation run, allowing to collect information like the time a build or validation run took, the origin of the information (Jenkins for example) and a trigger (SCM triggered, or by a user).

Version 2.33 of the Ontrack Jenkins plugin is already sending the run info when creating a build or a validation run. This is configured using a flag for publishers (false by default) and done automatically for pipeline steps.

Note that the plugin checks the version of the target Ontrack instance to know if this run info must be sent or not.

Note that previous versions of the Jenkins plugin remain compatible with versions 2.35 / 3.35 of Ontrack - the new run info information will just not be passed along.

The integration of the run info with the LTS Ontrack Jenkins plugin 2.30.3.x version is planned, but not released as yet. See #45 for more information about the status.

Feature / refactoring: new metrics

In order to facilate the integration of Ontrack with new metric systems and a future migration to Spring Boot 2, the metrics framework used by Ontrack has been fully migrated to Micrometer[http://micrometer.io/].

The following registries are available (but not enabled by default):

  • Prometheus
  • InfluxDB

Other ones could be added in the future.

The system of metrics is non backward compatible: dashboards and reports having been created with the old Ontrack metrics will not work. You have to adapt to the new metric names. See the Ontrack documentation for information about the migration.

For extensions which were providing their own metrics, they will have to now use the
Micrometer[http://micrometer.io/] framework. Some migration nodes have been added into the Ontrack documentation.

Feature: new layout for the build page

The build page has been adapted. Promotions and validations appear now in tables, which allow for pagination when many runs are present.

A new "used by" section has appeared, listing all builds which depend on the one being displayed.


A couple of methods in services and of fields in the GraphQL schema have been marked as deprecated. See the Ontrack documentation for their list and replacements.

Those deprecated elements will be removed in version 2.36 and 3.36.

Migration notes

When using H2 as a standalone server, as recommended, you have to update the H2 database version to 1.4.197 (or use the nemerosa/h2:0.2.0 Docker image). The new H2 driver which comes with the new version of Ontrack is compatible only with this version.

Complete release notes

The complete list of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes for 2.35 and