Ontrack 2.29

Ontrack 2.29 is now released.

GraphQL support

The big change in Ontrack 2.29 is the introduction of the
GraphQL support.

Most of the Ontrack model, including some core extensions, is exposed through the GraphQL end point. See the
documentation for more information.

In particular, you can try GraphQL queries in Ontrack by using
the GraphiQL IDE available through the GraphQL button at the
top right corner of the home page.

As of now, only queries are supported in Ontrack but
mutations might be introduced in future releases.

The extension model of Ontrack allows contributions to the
GraphQL schema.


  • displaying the branch page is now much faster
  • branches in the project view are now sorted in inverse chronological order (instead of alphabetical order).
  • administrators can now stop a running job
  • scheduling of jobs can be disabled / enabled globally, including at startup
  • option to scatter the job schedules in case of high frequency

Complete release notes

The complete list of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes.