Ontrack 2.28

Ontrack 2.28 is now released.

Support for GitLab

Starting from version 2.28.0, Ontrack now supports GitLab.

You can create a global configuration for the connection to a GitLab instance and then configure the Ontrack projects to one of its repositories.

You can then the usual benefits of working with Git in Ontrack:
change logs, release notes, branch comparisons, etc.

See the Ontrack GitLab documentation
for more information.

BitBucket issue configuration changes

In order to align them with other Git connections, the issue
service for BitBucket is now configured at project level, and no
longer at configuration level. Upgrading to Ontrack 2.28
automatically migrates the issue service settings from the global
configuration to the project one.

See the Ontrack BitBucket documentation
for more information.

Docker deployment documentation

The documentation for deploying Ontrack with Docker has been

SCM project decorations

In the home page, each project associated with a SCM (Git or SVN) has now a decoration showing which SCM
it is associated with. A tooltip on the icon shows additional
information about the connection.

Improved log administration

The access to the Ontrack logs for managing the system errors is
now done in its own page.

You can now filter error messages, have access to more history
and delete previous entries.

See Ontrack documentation for more information.

Branch page performance optimisation

The loading of the branch page
and its builds is now much faster, due to some optimisations at
backend level.

InfluxDB metrics upgrade

The metrics sent to InfluxDB do support InfluxDB 0.9 to 1.1.

Some metrics (job statistics) do also support tags.

See the list of metrics
for more information.

Complete release notes

The complete list of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes.