Ontrack 2.22

Ontrack 2.22 is now released.

Authentication changes

Starting from version 2.22, Ontrack will now start by default with project view granted to all.

To enable authentication, log as administrator (default user name / password is admin / admin), go to Settings and set Grant project view to all to No).

When the anonymous access is disabled, Ontrack will now require you to log at all time.

Additionally, Ontrack proposes now a "remember me" feature. When signing in, you can check this option and your login will be remembered for one week (and renewed each time you enter Ontrack).

If you sign out, the login will stop being remembered. Same thing when the Ontrack server is restarted (this might change in the future if requested).

The build links allow to link builds to each other, to indicate dependencies for example. Before version 2.22, those links were managed using properties attached to the build.

This has proven to be cumbersome to manage and certainly not performant.

Version 2.22 brings the management of those links as a core feature and queries about those links are much more performant.

Upgrading to 2.22 will automatically migrate the format build link properties into the new format. However the build links which were invalid (project or target build not existing) will be simply removed.

Additionally, the DSL for the build links has been reviewed to comply with the new situation.

Complete release notes

The complete list of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes.