Ontrack 2.20

Ontrack 2.20 is now released.


The main new feature is a big one: Ontrack now supports extensions.

You can now define your own Ontrack extensions to contribute your own features into the core application.

See how to develop new extensions, to package them and to deploy them along with the main Ontrack application.

Extension documentation


User experience has been improved for Ontrack installations with a lot of projects, branches and validation stamps. The loading times of the home page, project page and branch page with all the builds has been drastically improved.

One tradeoff has been to remove the live connection between Ontrack and any configured Jenkins instance. Starting from this 2.20 version, Ontrack does not display any longer the status of a Jenkins job when linked to a page, but still make a link available to navigate to the job page.

Complete release notes

The complete detail of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes.