Ontrack 2.14

Ontrack 2.14 is now released and contains many new features and improvements.

  • Support of groups for the LDAP authentication, allowing to map some LDAP groups to Ontrack groups
  • Support for Atlassian Stash, in order to link your projects with a Git repository managed by Stash
  • Refactoring of the support for GitHub in order to enable support for GitHub Enterprise
  • Support for predefined promotion levels, allowing promotion levels to be created on demand from a list of predefined ones, without having to declare each of them
  • Possibility to associate Git commit properties to the builds instead of relying on naming conventions
  • The Ontrack DSL allows you now to manage the accounts, the account groups and all their permissions
  • The auto promotion property on a promotion level allows now to select the associated validation stamps based on include/exclude regular expressions

The complete detail of features, enhancements and fixes is available in the release notes.