Ontrack 2.1.0 released

Ontrack 2.1.0 is now released, with the following content:

  • Ontrack DSL - you can now access and customize Ontrack using a DSL written in Groovy. See the documentation for more information. The incoming Jenkins plug-in will allow to call this DSL directly.
  • Better issue log for Subversion - Ontrack now looks on all possible branches for the list of revisions an issue is associated with. This allows to have a better overview of the branches an issue belongs to.
  • Git change log is now computed between two builds, independently from their branch. This is mainly a technical feature, which will lead soon to the ability to compare two builds on two different branches.
  • Template definitions for branches do not require a synchronisation source any longer.
  • Amount of logged events has been reduced when using branch templates

For the whole detail of features, enhancements and fixes, have a look at GitHub.

My thanks to theunb for his ideas on this release.